The Society of Agricultural Meteorology of Japan


75th Anniversary of the Society of Agricultural Meteorology of Japan
International Symposium on Agricultural Meteorology (ISAM2018)
in Fukuoka 13-17 March 2018

As the 75th Anniversary Symposium of the Society of Agricultural Meterology of Japan, the annual meeting and the International Symposium on Agricultural Meteorology (ISAM2018) are to be held at Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan, on March 13-17, 2018. Please refer to the following official web site for detailed information.

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Presentation Awards

Presentation awards were selected from among speakers for poster presentation and oral presentation in ISAM2018, who made entry in the registration form.
The results were as followed:
■ISAM poster
PE-13 Meteorological characteristics of strong local-wind “Hijikawa-arashi” obtained from in-situ observations
MIURA Haruka (Okyama University of Science), OHASHI Yukitaka (Okyama University of Science), NAGOSHI Toshiyuki (Iwate University), NASUKAWA Norihiro (Iwate University), KUROSAKA Masaru (Iwate University)

■ISAM Oral
E-2 Automatic leaf segmentation in 3D plant images for estimating leaf area and leaf inclination angle
ITAKUEA Kenta, HOSOI Fumiki (The University of Tokyo)

E-9 Air irrigation effects of leaf wetting by dew: Effect on whole platn water relations and gas excahnge in maze under water stress
YOKOYAMA Gaku (Kyushu University), YASUTAKE Daisuke (Kyushu University), MORI Makito (Kochi University), WANG Weizhen (CAS), WU Yueru (CAS), KITANO Masaharu (Kyushu University)

E-25 Dynamics of photosynthate translocation to strawberry fruits dramatically changes depending on the leaf position
MIYOSHI Yuta (QST), HIDAKA Kota (NARO), ISHII Satomi (QST), SUZUI Nobuo (QST), YIN Yong-Gen (QST), KURITA Keisuke (QST), ARAKI Takuya (Ehime University), YASUTAKE Daisuke (Kyushu University), KITANO Masaharu (Kyushu University), KAWACHI Naoki (QST)

Transports between conference venue and station

1. Transport from the station (Kyudai-Gakkenn-Toshi) to conference venue

Another big conference will be held in Kyushu University from 14-16 March, so buses from the station to University will be crowded. You can use fixed-route buses at the north entrance of the station. Further we prepare a bus for shuttle transport at the south entrance. You can find a conference staff (student) in the station.

2. Transport from the venue to the banquet place after ISAM symposium

We will prepare 6 buses for participants who attend the banquet. However, participant who will not attend the banquet may use 5th or 6th bus.

3. Transport from the venue to the station after the public symposium (in Japanese)

We will prepare a shuttle bus after the publish symposium from 17:15 to 19:15.

Date and Venue
13-17 March, 2018
Shiiki Hall, Ito Campus, Kyushu University (744 Motooka, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka, Japan)
・Campus Map(Link


Date & Time Annual meeting of SAMJ* ISAM2018
13 Mar(Tue) 10:00 Registration Registration
PM Oral session, Organized session Poster Session
14 Mar(Wed) 9:30-11:30 75th Anniversary Ceremony
11:30-13:30 General assembly
Symposium for conference attendants**
18:30-20:30 Banquet***
15 Mar(Thu) AM Oral/Poster/Organized Sessions Oral/Poster Sessions
Public symposium****
16 Mar(Fri) AM Oral/Poster/Organized Sessions Oral/Poster/Organized Sessions
PM Oral/Poster/Organized Sessions, Short Excursion
17 Mar(Sat) Whole day Excursion
  • *:The annual meeting of the Society of Agricultural Meteorology on Japan (SAMJ2018) is held concurrently with ISAM2018 (in Japanese).
  • **: “Perspectives of Photosynthesis and Crop Production”
  • ***: Tenjin Sky Hall (16F Nishinihon Shinbun Kaikan, 1-4-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka)
  • ****:Symposium in Japanese



  • Presentation (oral and poster): Send the registration form of your presentation to the ISAM Secretariat by email before 28 Dec, 2017 –> 15 Jan, 2018.
  • Extended abstract (oral and poster): Send the extended abstract of your presentation to the ISAM Secretariat by email before 31 Jan, 2018.
  • Presentation (Organized session): Contact the organizers by email before 8 Dec, 2017. If you can get the permission of presentation from the organizers, send the registration form and extended abstract of your presentation to the ISAM Secretariat by email before 31 Dec, 2017, please.
  • Manuscripts (full/short paper): Presenters in ISAM2018, who made entry in the registration form, can submit their papers to the Journal of Agricultural Meteorology (JAM). Submitted manuscripts are peer-reviewed more rapidly than regular ones. There are no other differences from ordinary submission except for the rapidness. Please submit the manuscript before 31 May 2018 using the JAM online submission system. Check the web-site of JAM for manuscript preparation.
  • Participation without presentations: Participation without presentation is welcome. Send the registration form to the ISAM Secretariat by email. An early-bird discount for registration fee is available through Jan, 2018.
  • Registration form (MS-Excel)
  • Extended abstract sample (MS-Word)
  • address of the ISAM Secretariat: samj2018[at]
  • Add a text @ by yourself when you copy the above addresses to your email client.

Fees and Payment (Japanese Yen)

Early-bird fee (Registration by 31 Jan, 2018)

Registration* Banquet
Regular member of SAMJ JPY 7,000 JPY 6,000
Silver members JPY 4,000 JPY 4,000
Student, Postdoc members JPY 3,500 JPY 3,500
Non-members for regulars (in Japan) JPY 8,000 JPY 7,000
Non-members for students, postdocs JPY 4,500 JPY 4,500
Non-members for regulars from overseas JPY 7,000 JPY 6,000

Regular fee (Registration after 1 Feb, 2018)

Registration* Banquet
Regular member of SAMJ JPY 8,000 JPY 7,000
Silver members JPY 5,000 JPY 5,000
Student, Postdoc members JPY 4,500 JPY 4,500
Non-members for regulars (in Japan) JPY 9,000 JPY 8,000
Non-members for students, postdocs JPY 5,500 JPY 5,500
Non-members for regulars from overseas JPY 8,000 JPY 7,000

* Meals are not included.


Participants from outside Japan: You can use a credit card (VISA only) for your payment untile 28 Feb, 2018 (JST). If you want to do, please contact us by email (samj2018[at] Early bird discount is applicable for the participants who send the registration form to the ISAM secretariat by 31 Jan, 2018 (JST). Fees for registration and the banquet basically depend on the participant’s membership status as shown in the above tables. Participants will be obligated to pay the registration fee for the cancellation after 1 Mar, 2018. After 1 Mar, 2018, payment should be done on-site at the registration desk of ISAM2018 on arrival. Please be aware that all payments are in JPY.

Participants from inside Japan: If you understand Japanese language, please refer to Japanese page. Otherwise, please contact us by email (samj2018[at] All participants, irrespective of nationality, residing in Japan have to finish the payment by 31 Jan, 2018 to receive the discount in the payment. The payment by the postal money transfer is accepted until 28 Feb, 2018. Thereafter, please pay at the reception desk on the meeting days.

VISA Information

If you need a visa for entering Japan with your nationality, please proceed with your visa application well in advance of your travel. Required documents and guidelines for visa application vary depending on the country, we recommend that you contact the Japanese embassy / consulate with the jurisdiction in your home country as early as possible to inquire about the specific requirements for visa application. You can find the detailed information about procedures of visa application on the following website:

“VISA / Residing in Japan (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)”

If you need sending the required documents from Japan for visa application and need any support, please contact us (samj2018[at] Visa application procedure may take a long time, and we strongly recommend starting this process as soon as possible.
※Add a text @ by yourself when you copy the above addresses to your email client.

We need the following information to issue the required documents for visa application:
1) Your name in English: First name, middle name, and family name for all delegates. It should be identical to those of your passport.
2) Gender
3) Nationality citizenship
3) Affiliation and job title
4) Birthdate and age
5) Contact information
6) Your itinerary in Japan: Flight number, name of the airport, and the date and time of arrival/departure are mandatory. We also need your hotel name and day-by-day schedule through the period.
※We can only issue the required documents for visa application to participant who has completely finished registration and full payment of registration fee. Visa refusal is no reason for refund of the registration fee.

“Perspectives of Photosynthesis and Crop Production”

  • Date and Time: 13:30-16:15, 14 Mar, 2018
  • Place: Concert Hall
  • Chair: Dr. Kyoichi OTSUKI (Kyushu University)
  • Background and aims: Modern agriculture is facing serious meteorological issues (e.g., elevated CO2, global warming and abnormal weathers) and serious economic issues (e.g., globalization, aging population, economic efficiency principle) under the industrial innovation brought by ICT and AI. This symposium is planned to share future perspectives for crop production under the climate change and the industrial innovation.
  • Keynote Speakers:
    1. “Internet of Plants: A Perspective of Crop Production Accessible to Plant-Environment Transport Phenomena ”
      Prof. Masaharu Kitano (Kyushu University)
    2. “Photosynthesis and Yield of Rice under Elevated [CO2] – Lessons from Rice Free Air CO2 Enrichment Studies- ”
      Dr. Toshihiro Hasegawa (National Agriculture and Food Research Organization)
    3. “Rising CO2, Warming Temperature and Heat Wave Impacts on Photosynthesis, Growth and Yield of Maize and Soybean”
      Prof. Carl Bernacchi (University of Illinois)

Organized session

OS-E1: Agricultural meteorology and plant photosynthesis

Date: 9:00-11:00 on 16 (Fri.) March, 2018
Place: Room A
Photosynthesis is an essential process for crop growth and food production. A large number of studies since last century have revealed that photosynthesis is critically controlled by micrometeorological environment. However, important factors related to its environmental controls (e.g., stomatal behavior, mesophyll CO2 transfer, species and varietal difference) have not been fully elucidated. Toward the goal to extrapolate crop productivity in the future under changing climate and human needs, this session calls for studies relevant to measurements, measurement techniques, and modeling of photosynthesis for crop plants. Our aim is to increase and share understanding the interaction between environment and photosynthesis, and studies in natural ecosystems are also welcomed.

  1. [Invited Speaker] Effects of elevated atmospheric CO2 on leaf respiratory rates (NOGUCHI Ko)
  2. [Invited Speaker] Stomatal control of photosynthesis and its dependence on developmental stage in rice (KUSUMI Kensuke)
  3. [Invited Speaker] Non-steady state photosynthesis in rice and soybean varieties (TANAKA Yu)
  4. Mathematical modeling of mineral absorption and transportation in rice (SAKURAI Gen)
  5. Rice production, water use, and atmospheric feedbacks (IKAWA Hiroki)

Organizers: Dr. Yasuhiro Usui (NARO Hokkaido), Dr. Hiroki Ikawa (NARO), Dr. Tsuneo Kuwagata (NARO)
Contact: Dr. Yasuhiro Usui (yasuusui[at] *Add a text @ by yourself when you copy the above addresses to your email client.

OS-Y: International Partnerships for Young Scientists Toward the 100th Annual MeetingAgricultural

Date: 17:00-18:30 on 15 (Thu.) March, 2018
Place: Room B
The number of young scientists has been declining in Japan and that also reflects in the Society of Agricultural Meteorology Japan. Young scientists who are currently at 30s or younger will be leading the 100th annual meeting in the future, but those people are quite limited in number. To attract more young scientist in our society, we would like to promote international partnerships. We hope that international experiences will motivate young people to become a scientist who will lead our society in the future. We therefore invite scientists abroad and would like the opportunity to be engaged in active discussion.

  1. [Invited Speaker] Establishing and applying temperature model of litchi flowering (Chen Po-An)

Organizers: Dr. Yasuhiro Usui (NARO Hokkaido)
Contact: Dr. Yasuhiro Usui (yasuusui[at] *Add a text @ by yourself when you copy the above addresses to your email client.

Important deadlines (based on JST)

Registration forms (with presentation) 28 Dec, 2017
Registration fee discount 31 Jan, 2018
Extended Abstract 31 Jan, 2018


Organized Session (OS)

Oral Session

Poster Session

Instruction for Presentation

Oral Presentation (SAMJ,ISAM,Symposium,OS)

(1) Time
Each oral presentation will have 12-minute talk followed by 3-minute discussion including speaker exchange. The speaker will be notified by bells – once at 10 minutes, twice at 12 minutes, and three times at 14 minutes passed.
If you are going to make a presentation in the symposiums and/or organized sessions, please contact the secretariat and/or organizers.

(2) PC
The display is limited to a screen projected by a PC. Each room is equipped with a projector and a laser pointer, but not an on-site PC (laptop). Therefore, the speaker is needed to bring own PC for making presentation. The analog RGB and HDMI interfaces are available to connect your PC and the projector.

(3) Slide sides
A screen installed in each room is the widescreen aspect. Therefore, we recommend the aspect ratio at 16:9 for preparing your presentation slides.

Poster Presentation (SAMJ, ISAM)

(1)Recommended size of poster and putting up posters
A poster board with 1,740 mm height and 840 width is provided to each speaker, and thus the poster size of about A0 (1189 mm height and 841 mm width) is recommended.
There are 2 places (North and South Foyers) for the poster presentation. To locate at the assigned poster board, look for the sign marked with your poster number at the top of each poster board. Each poster board will be marked with an individual poster number. Please check the online or printed program for your poster number. Push pines and tape will be prepared in the places.

(2)Presentation time
You can set up posters from 12:00 on 13 March. Posters must be removed by 13:00 on 16 March. Posters remaining after this time will be removed and recycled by office staffs.
Odd-numbered poster presentations are scheduled from 11:00 – 12:00 on 15 March, and even-numbered from 11:00 – 12:00 on 16 March. During the presentation time, speaker must stand by your poster and attempt to make presentation and discussion with other participants.

Secretariat and Organizing committee

ISAM2018 Secretariat

Kyushu University,
6-10-1 Hakozaki, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka 812-8581, Japan
Tel: +81-92-642-2924

  • Add a text @ by yourself when you copy the above addresses to your email client.


Organizing committee

Chairs: Masaharu KITANO (Kyushu University), Kazuhiko KOBAYASHI (The University of Tokyo)
Executive chairperson / Chief of secretariat: Daisuke YASUTAKE (Kyushu University)

Executive committee:
Shinkichi GOTO(JIRCAS)
Yasuomi IBARAKI(Yamaguchi University)
Eiji KANDA(Kagoshima University)
Yoshinobu KAWAMITSU(Ryukyu University)
Kensuke KIMURA(Kyushu University)
Masaharu KITANO(Kyushu University)
Atsushi KUME(Kyushu University)
Koichi NOMURA(Kyushu University)
Kyoichi OTSUKI(Kyushu University)
Yuki SAGO(Yamaguchi University)
Yoshiyuki SHINOGI(Kyushu University)
Shinichi TAKESHITA(University of Miyazaki)
Masahiro TASUMI(University of Miyazaki)
Kenji WAKIMIZU(Kyushu University)
Haruhiko YAMAMOTO(Yamaguchi University)
Daisuke YASUTAKE(Kyushu University)

ISAM special committee:
Shinkichi GOTO(JIRCAS)
Takashi HIRANO(Hokkaido University)
Atsushi KUME(Kyushu University)
Kyoichi OTSUKI(Kyushu University)
Yoshiyuki SHINOGI(Kyushu University)
Akita TANI (University of Shizuoka)
Masahiro TASUMI(University of Miyazaki)

Young scientist committee:
Ryosuke ENDO(Osaka Prefecture University)
Reiji KIMURA(Tottori University)
Masayoshi MANO(Chiba University)
Ryo MATSUDA(The University of Tokyo)
Keisuke ONO(NARO)
Yuki SAGO(Yamaguchi University)
Yasuhiro USUI(NARO)
Daisuke YASUTAKE(Kyushu University)

Advisory committee:
Tomoyoshi HIROTA(NARO)
Yoshiaki KITAYA(Osaka Prefecture University)
Nobuhiro MATSUOKA(Chiba University)
Kazuhiko OBA(NiAS)
Kenji OMASA(The University of Tokyo)
Kiyoshi OZAWA(Meiji University)