The Society of Agricultural Meteorology of Japan

Journal of Agricultural Meteorology


Impact Factor: 1.477 (2019)

Journal Scope

For over 70 years, the Journal of Agricultural Meteorology has published original papers and review articles on the science of physical and biological processes in natural and managed ecosystems. Published topics include, but are not limited to, weather disasters, local climate, micrometeorology, climate change, soil environment, plant phenology, plant response to environmental change, crop growth and yield prediction, instrumentation, and environmental control across a wide range of managed ecosystems, from open fields to greenhouses and plant factories.

Unique features distinguishing this journal

Since 1943, the Journal of Agricultural Meteorology has been published quarterly as a peer reviewed scientific journal of the Society of Agricultural Meteorology of Japan. Unique features of this journal are:

a) it covers issues of practical science addressing the imperative of improving food quality/productivity, and of preventing weather-related agricultural disasters, which are not covered in other journals, but are important globally, especially in areas of monsoon climate and regions of high population. Typical studies include unique investigations into topics such as rice production, extreme climate (typhoon and high/low temperature) impact and mitigation, and environmental control in plant production.

b) Papers that address primary data and novel methodology are welcomed, as are studies relevant to local problems or site-specific phenomena, which also have importance for international readers. Many published papers have provided foundation knowledge, applicable to solving practical problems in agriculture and in the related fields of agronomy, horticulture, forestry, ecology, and environmental science.