International Symposium on Agricultural Meteorology
18-31 March 2021 Online conference


The annual conference for the Society of Agricultural Meteorology of Japan and the International Symposium on Agricultural Meteorology (ISAM2021) are to be held in online meeting system from March 18, 2021.

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    • Errata of the conference abstracts have been uploaded (2021/03/18).
    • Please check this file to access to the conference. Link to the presentation will be activated on 18 Mar (2021/3/17)
    • Program is open (2021/3/17)
    • Registration for participation (with no presentation) is open (2021/3/4)
    • Registration for presentation is closed. Registration for participation (with no presentation) will be open again soon (2021/3/4)
    • Information on the presentation file uploading updated (2021/2/28)
    • Registration page open (2021/2/23)
    • Server for abstract file uploading is open (2021/2/23)
    • Information updated(2021/2/23)

    Date and Venue

    18-31 March, 2021, Online Conference

    • Presentation is open for participants through Video-on-demand (with voice for explanation) or PDF (poster) distribution during the above mentioned period.
    • Discussion using a text-chat system throughout the conference.
    • Access URL: Please check this file. Link to the presentation will be activated on 18 Mar.
    • Program is here.
    • ID & password is sent to participants after registration, these information is required to upload abstract and presentation file.

    Important deadlines (based on JST)

    Registration (If you make a presentation) 3 Mar, 2021
    Upload of Extended Abstract 3 Mar 2021
    Upload of Presentation file 14 Mar, 2021
    Registration without presentations 30 Mar, 2021
    Last day of the conference 31 Mar, 2021
    Manuscript submission to JAM 31 May, 2021

    Registration for participation

    • !Important! Registration and payment must be completed in one sequential flow. Applicants who did not complete credit card payment must register again before payment. Please do this action on several days before the deadline (3 Mar.) to safely upload your abstract file, because there may be a time lag between the registration action and the activation of ID&PW.
    • !Important! Please check  this file before registration to prevent trouble in the registration process.
    • Please register for participation on this page by 3rd Mar 2021, ignoring to fill the “Field” option. Your ID and password will be notified after registration.
    • Participation without presentations: Participation without presentation are welcome. Please register for participation by 30th Mar 2021.
    • Manuscripts (full/short paper): We welcome submission of your presentations at ISAM2021 to the Journal of Agricultural Meteorology (JAM). Submitted manuscripts are peer-reviewed more rapidly than regular ones. There are no other differences from ordinary submission except for the rapidness. If you wish to submit a manuscript (full/short paper) for this program, please indicate your intention to submit by email to the ISAM secretariat by 31 Jan 2021. Please submit the manuscript by 31 May 2021 using the JAM online submission system. Check the web site of JAM for manuscript preparation.
    • Please use the following address to ask about the registration
      ISAM 2021 Secretariat: samj2021 (at)
      Please replace “(at)” with @ when you copy the above addresses to your email client.

    Extended abstract submission

    • There may be a time lag between the registration action and the activation of ID&PW. Please try to upload the file later (up to a few days in the worst case) again.
    • Upload the extended abstract of your presentation through WEB by 3rd Mar 2021.
    • Extended abstract sample (MS-Word)
    • File Name of extended abstract should be”Abstract_RegistrationNo_Yourfamilyname.docx” (e.g. Abstract_R0098_Yamada.docx). If you have two or more presentation, please distinguish them by putting “a, b, c” after registration No (e.g. Abstract_R0098a_Yamada.docx).
    • Upload through following URL
      ID: registered mail address
      Password: second time password shown in the confirmation mail after registration

    Check this file to see how to upload the file

    Presentation file preparation

    • Please prepare and upload the presentation file to a WEB server by 14 Mar.
    • Registration and payment is required for the file uploading.
    • Volume of the contents should be within the acceptable range.
    • File format system is mp4 (oral presentation) or PDF (poser presentation) only.
    • Please include your voice for explaining the contents in the mp4 file.
    • Please prepare PDF file with standard format. Both one poster page and separation to several pages can be accepted.
    • MP4/PDF file can be easily made using MS PowerPoint or Zoom. For help to make a MP4 or PDF file, use search engine with typing “PowerPoint MP4”, “Zoom MP4”, or “PowerPoint PDF”
    • Name of the presentation file should be ”Presentation_RegistrationNo_Yourfamilyname.mp4” or ”Presentation_RegistrationNo_Yourfamilyname.pdf” (e.g. Presentation_R0098_Yamada.mp4). Please put the same alphabets (a, b, c) with those put for the corresponding file name of the abstract, if you have two or more presentation (e.g.Presentation_R0098a_Yamada.docx).
    • Please upload the presentation file to the same folder with that for abstract.

    Fees and Payment

    Fees (Japanese Yen)

    Registration fee
    Regular member of SAMJ JPY 5,000
    Postdoc or silver members JPY 3,000
    Student JPY 2,500
    Others JPY 6,000


    Payment is only by a credit card. VISA and Master is available.
    *Please register for participation before payment.

    1. Please note that your credit card will be charged by our official credit card service provider, the “Clear Members”
    2. The name “Clear Members/Zenryo” will appear on your credit card statement.


    Executive committee

    Hokkaido University,
    Graduate School of Agriculture,
    Kita-9 Nishi-9, Kita-ku, Sapporo 060-8589, Japan
    Tel/Fax: 011-706-2559/ 011-706-2494

    Executive committee

    Chair: Tani Hiroshi (Hokkaido University)
    Executive chairperson / Chief of secretariat: Sameshima Ryoji (Hokkaido University)

    Executive committee members:


    Executive committee members
    Furusawa Akiko (Japan Weather Association)
    Hirano Takashi (Hokkaido University)
    Inoue Satoshi (Hokkaido Agricultural Research Center, NARO)
    Ishigooka Yasushi (Hokkaido Agricultural Research Center, NARO)
    Keiji Okada (Hokkaido University)
    Kimura Masato (Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine)
    Kominami Yasuhiro (Hokkaido Agricultural Research Center, NARO)
    Matsushima Dai (Chiba Institute of Technology)
    Nakayama Hirokazu (Civil Engineering Research Institute for Cold Region, CERI )
    Nemoto Manabu (Hokkaido Agricultural Research Center, NARO)
    Okegawa Yukio (Japan Meteorological Agency)
    Shimoda Seiji (Hokkaido Agricultural Research Center, NARO)
    Takagi Kentaro (Hokkaido University)